Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chicken/ Veg and Cucumber sandwich

Chicken/ Veg and Cucumber sandwich
Bread slices – 8
Cucumber – 1 diced small
Chicken fillet – 1 breaded chicken fillet or 2 or 3 chicken nuggets(you readily get to buy frozen ones)
Vegetable nuggets or vegetable cutlet – 2 or 3
Mayonnaise – 1 Tbsp
Mustard sauce – 1 tsp
Pepper – a pinch
Salt – a pinch
Sugar – ¼ tsp
 Tomato ketchup – 1 tsp
Butter – 1 tsp
  • Fry the chicken/ veg nuggets/ fillets/cutlets and chop it into small bits.
  • Take a mixing bowl and add the chopped nuggets/ fillet/cutlet, cucumber, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard sauce, pepper, salt , sugar and mix well.
  • Spread out this mixture on 4 bread slices and cover with the other 4 slices to make 4 sandwiches.
  • Brush the outer sides of the sandwich with a little butter and toast them in a sandwich maker and serve with ketchup.

This will make a great tiffin for school going kids.

*For those who don’t want to use butter can omit it or use olive oil instead.

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