Wednesday, December 12, 2012

About Us


Friendship and cooking have a peculiar bonding. This qualitative and enchanting bonding is something that should be treasured always. 
Each dish we have enjoyed over the years may each have a story to tell,
 a tale of friendship, a tale of sharing, a tale of caring….it is not something that should be forgotten as history.

We are two such friends, moms currently residing in UAE who love to cook, experiment new recipes, share our recipes with others and to treasure this happiness, that we gained in the form of a smile we received from our near and dear ones when our kitchen experiments tickled their taste buds. We decided to share our treasured happiness with all of you out there, who like us, value friendship and tasty food and the wonderful ambience it creates. Hence we started off with DROOLSSS…our promise to leave you drooling.

Cooking is indeed an art that keeps on changing constantly from place to place and hand to hand. There are always endless combinations, flavors, cuisines, cultures, colors and textures to choose from. So, we invite all of you into our this journey of exploration into the world of flavors and friendship. Hope you like DROOLSSS… and we shall try our best to keep our promise to leave you drooling.

Priya & Tessy

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