Saturday, June 08, 2013

Pork Vindaloo

Vindaloo is a traditional Goan dish.The term vindaloo is derived from the Portuguese dish ‘Carne de Vinha d’Alhos ‘The term ‘Vin’ stands for vinegar and ‘alho’ means garlic in Portuguese.
This is a regular dish on my Mom’s Christmas menu. We can’t resist the aroma of this dish once my Mom starts off with it. Here goes the recipe for you all.

1kg medium fat pork cut into small cubes
2 medium onions chopped
Salt to taste
3-4 tablespoon oil

For Vindaloo masala
1-1 ½ tablespoon kashmiri chili powder 
1 tablespoon coriander powder
¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
2”ginger chopped
6-8 cloves garlic
2 -3 shallots
4-5 cardamom
4-5 cloves
3”cinnamon stick
1 ½ tablespoon mustard seeds
6-8 black pepper
¼ cup vinegar

  • Pressure cook pork with salt and water.
  • Grind the vindaloo masala to a fine paste without adding water and keep separate.
  • Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan
  • Add onions and sauté until it turns light brown.
  • Add in the vindaloo masala paste and continue sautéing until it gives off a very nice aroma.
  • Add the cooked meat and mix well until the meat is well coated with the masala.
  • Cover the pan and cook for a few minutes under low flame.(you can add extra vinegar and salt if required at this stage)
  • Remove the cover and stir under high flame until the gravy reduces to a thick consistency.

*Pork vindaloo always tastes better the next day. The longer you store it, the better it tastes.


  1. This is a popular dish among the Portuguese community and the best place to enjoy it is in Malacca whereby there's a big Portuguese settlement.

    And during Christmas, I get to enjoy vindaloo in my Eurasian friends' open day celebration. I cook it too but with chicken. I love the combo of spices, particularly the heat from pepper and the tang from vinegar. Adore this version with the thick gravy all over the pork pieces.

  2. Though I don't eat pork the picture tells me it is super tasty and can be tried with chicken.

    1. Yes, it can be tried with chicken and mutton too.I have even tried it with cauliflower and soya chunks:)))

  3. You have made it perfectly. Looks really yummy. I always have made it at night & never got a chance to take a good picture. The texture in your vindaloo looks perfect Priya. You are defenitely a great chef!


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