Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nutella Biscuit Pudding

150 grams arrow root biscuits
3-4 tablespoon butter(brought down to room temperature)
1 cup nutella
1 + 2 cups fresh cream
10 grams china grass
2 cups milk
3 tablespoon custard powder
400 grams milkmaid
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 teaspoon sugar(optional)
Grated chocolate for garnishing
Roasted nuts for garnishing


  • In a pudding bowl,crush the biscuits using your hand.Add butter to it and mix well.
  • Press the mixture tightly to the base of the bowl and keep in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  • In another bowl add 1 cup nutella and 1 cup fresh cream.Mix well or beat with an electric mixer.
  • Pour the mixture on top of biscuit layer and freeze it again for another 10 minutes.
  • Meanwhile,in a pan,add 3 tablespoon custard powder in 2 cups of milk.Stir and cook  until it thickens.Allow it to cool.
  • Cook 10 grams of china grass in 1 cup of water.
  • Stir continously until it melts.Strain the mixture and add to the custard.
  • Add milkmaid,vanilla extract,sugar (optional) and 2 cups fresh cream(optional) to the custard and beat with the electric mixer for 4-5 minutes.
  • Pour the mixture on top of  the nutella layer.
  • Garnish with grated chocolate.
  • Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and garnish with roasted nuts before serving.


  1. Sounds interesting..:-) Not a nutella fan so may be will have to substitute with chocolate. The last pic is awesome

  2. Looks mouthwatering........lovely clicks!

  3. this looks like a must try for our next get together or party... bookmarked!!! love that upset looking egg... hehe...

  4. is so tempting.....a defenite bookmark...

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