Friday, February 08, 2013

Chinese chicken...

Serving suggestion illustrating picture

Chinese chicken
Chicken-250gms, cut into small cubes
Onion-1 medium, cut into small cubes
Capsicum-1 small, cut into small cubes
Pepper powder-1 tsp
Garlic chopped-1 ½ tbsp
Ginger chopped-1 tbsp
Sugar-1/4 tsp
Oil-1 tbsp
Green chili-1, chopped
Soy sauce-1 tbsp
Chili sauce-1 1/2 tbsp
Tomato sauce-1 tbsp

  • Heat oil in a pan and caramelize sugar.
  • Add chopped garlic, ginger, green chilies to the caramelized sugar and saute for 2-3 seconds.
  • Add chicken and stir under high flame until the color of chicken turns white.
  • Add pepper powder, soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce and salt. Stir fry for 3-5 minutes. Cover and cook until the chicken is well cooked and water gets completely evaporated.
  • Finally add onion and capsicum, give a good stir and turn off the flame. The onion and capsicum should remain crisp.
  • Serve hot with fried rice.


  1. Hey guys... Its an awesome recipe wch can b made in no time. Im so happy for my sis Tessy who plays a gud role in mkng dis website a success. I recommend this recipe for all d ppl who think dat dey are poor in mkng chinese cz by trying dis recipe u can amaze ppl. Thank u sis..

  2. I'm gonna try this out this sunday...... but no salt is mentioned here .... its understood though .... last 2 sundays i tried making beef curry... but screwed up both the times adding excessive salt... this time i'm not gonna touch salt until i finish the experiment .... Anyways nice job you all !!!.... I've taken up cooking as my hobby too... thanks to DROOOLSSS and my sugarsweet wife!!!

    1. Thanks Pradish, we forgot to mention salt in the recipe..have corrected the mistake. You should be careful while adding salt in this recipe too as soya sauce is there and it already has salt in it. Do try it out, its a very easy and quick to make dish.

    2. Made it!!!.... not 100% success though... That Alpha Male errors were unavoidable.... There were a few mistakes... First I ended up adding lots of Onion and Capsicum chunks in which my chicken chunks..( which was apparently small..) got submerged and lost literally . Second, I emptied at least half a bottle of Tomato Sauce ( small bottle ) ... which made my dish too tangy over which I added too much of pepper powder and chilly sauce also.... Finally when we consumed it.. it was tangy for the tongue and too hot for our bronchus and stomach and god knows what happens tomorrow morning ( ...hi hi... ) . But since we were toooooo hungry we patted on each others back and licked the dish empty with toasted German wheat bread !!!.... Nevertheless I learned a lot of things from last 4 Sunday's cooking sessions !!!..... in a harder way though !!!.... But i'll not lose hope and will keep trying till i perfect !!!


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