Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cabbage Manchurian

2 cups grated cabbage
1 cup grated carrot
1/2 cup  gram flour
1 tablespoon corn flour
1/2 cup cold water
2 green chilies chopped
3-4 crushed garlic flakes
1 table spoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon pepper powder
1 onion chopped fine
2 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Spring onions for garnishing
Oil for frying


  • In a bowl, mix cabbage,carrot,onion,gram flour,salt,coriander leaves and pepper powder.(Don't add water, as water from the cabbage will make it moist enough to make balls)
  • Make small balls out of the above mixture.
  • Heat oil in a pan and fry these balls until golden brown and keep aside.
  • Heat 2 tablespoon oil in a seperate pan.
  • Saute garlic and greenchilies.
  • Reduce the flame and add salt and soy sauce.
  • Gently add the fried balls and mix gently so that the sauce coats the balls.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon corn flour in 1/2 cup water and add to the above mixture.
  • Reduce the flame and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the flame and garnish with chopped spring onions.
  • Serve hot with fried rice.


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