Monday, March 05, 2018

Grilled Nutella Banana Sandwich with toasted coconut

Dedicated to all the nutella lovers out there!


4 slices of bread
2 Tbsp nutella
1 ripe banana, sliced into rounds
2 Tbsp shredded coconut
butter as required


  • In a pan dry roast the coconut until evenly browned and crisp. Keep aside.
  • Spread the nutella on one side of two slices of bread.
  • Layer the the banana slices on top of the nutella.
  • Sprinkle the toasted coconut shreddings on top of the banana slices.
  • Place the other bread slice on top and sandwich them.
  • Spread butter on the outer sides of the bread and place on a hot grill. Grill until the outer sides of the sandwich is golden brown and crisp.
  • Cut into desired shape and serve.


  1. Yumm!! I have never made this with nutella but with peanut butter its always a hit. Toasted coconut in the recipe is new to me - next time on i ll surely try that!

  2. Yes Ria, I was also doubtful whether the kids will welcome the coconut taste in their sandwich as they are not usually fond of anything that has the coconut flavour, but surprisingly this was liked very much. Do try out!


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